PUBG March 0.17.0 Update

PUBG March 0.17.0 Update

hello guys… Welcome to another our today’s topic is on PUBG March 0.17.0 Update.Let’s start… Congratulations Guys PUBG has been completed for 2 years and This update is given in the happiness of the second anniversary of PUBG. Where to get update First of all, I wanna tell you …

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PUBG Servers Are Too Busy

hey guys welcome again in another post today I am going as a problem that most of the people are facing in PUBG PC Lite and that problem is PUBG Servers Are Too Busy there are two solutions to solve this problem I’m gonna show you both. Solution No 1 …

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PUBG Winter Season Tricks

PUBG Winter season

Hello guys… Welcome to another today’s topic is PUBG Winter Season Tricks. NOTE:- The tricks in the below can work only in the winter season. Jump From Hills Without Losing Health i have tried it from the top of Georgopol Hills Just jump and quickly and continually tap on …

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PUBG Graphics & Game Setting

PUBG graphics and game setting – play like a pro player Optimise PUBG Mobile graphics settings :- To change your graphics setting :- go to SETTINGS > GRAPHICS and choose what is comfortable for you . We recommend you to change the frame rate to maximum as possible , which …

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PUBG LANDING SKILLS 1. mark a location where you want to go 2. Look up on 90°away from your landing location and hold your joystick to 75° on your landing direction hold to downward direction till the parachute open . SEE ON YOUTUBE HOW TO LAND FASTER CLICK HERE IMPROVE …